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Hi! I’m Megan.

I have no experience writing, and not really any talent, but I’m still here wanting to share my world…our world; it’s all perspective. You’re taking peek into my secrets, the stories that are never shared, and some of my most precious moments. After all, a few words can change a life.
But, my life…it’s a funny one. It’s a bit of everything and a bit of nothing. Feel free to look around and discover more about my world.


There’s a range of information here, from women not shaving their legs, to my most valuable secrets; short stories that may make you cry or laugh, or maybe you’ll learn something new from an educational post. I cannot promise that what you read will be good quality, or consistent, but why not take a look around, you’ve read this far!

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You took my virginity without fucking me;   you implanted words of promises in my head, Then walked away with a bucket of my tears and a large proportion of my heart to sell.  For yourself, you took my license to sex drive, and stole the magnet for attraction. i am left with a dying piece … Continue reading You

caycee *TW*

‚ÄúDespite her shaking hands, she gracefully pushed the door shut, avoiding allowing a single creak to pass through. Her knees were weak and her thoughts were clouded. She sat, prostrate with grief, her back pushed firmly up against the door. Her weak arms and shaking hands reached up onto the surface next to her as … Continue reading caycee *TW*

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